Direct Mail and Marketing Automation

There are 5 key ways marketing automation improves direct mail campaigns:

1. Personalization

Create a personalized experience for your mail recipients using Personalized URLs, QR Codes, and dynamic landing pages.

Personalization brings relevance. Relevance drives response.

2. Automation

Automate your data processing and other repetitive tasks to launch direct mail campaigns faster and more reliably.

Automation improves efficiency.

3. Integration

Retarget your mail recipients on social media with your direct mail messaging, creative, and offers to boost conversions.

Integrating direct mail with digital channels increases your ROI.

4. Attribution

Accurately measure and track responses from direct mail with detailed analysis to make data-driven decisions.

Correct attribution proves the effectiveness of direct mail and empowers ongoing optimization.

5. Optimization

Build a well-defined A/B testing framework to continuously test and beat the control piece and lift response rates.

Optimization ensures flawless execution and continuous enhancements.

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